Manufacturing Process

The company uses raw Material from reputed suppliers from India and abroad. As per technical specification standard ASTM, Hot/ Cold finished materials are checked for quality as per test certificate and then send for manufacturing process.

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A portable spectrometer giving you complete metals analysis when you need to reliably analyze steels and other alloying materials like aluminium, nickel and copper especially in PMI Safety Inspection.



If the material contains a crack or flaw which make the spatial distribution of the electrical conductivity nonuniform, the path of the eddy currents is perturbed and the impedance of the coil which generates the AC magnetic field is modified. By measuring the impedance of this coil, a crack can hence be detected.

The Eddy Current probes produce magnetic fields that induce current, which flows in the test piece, impacting the magnetic field, magnitude and phase of the coil voltage. This is popularly used for applications like detecting surface and near-surface defects, alloy sorting and the inspection of bolt holes.



The application of hardness testing enables you to evaluate a material's properties, such as strength, ductility and wear resistance, and so helps you determine whether a material or material treatment is suitable for the purpose you require.

Hardness testing methods vary based on the material and heat treatment chosen. It’s important that engineers specify hardness testing methods correctly to ensure timely heat treatment and avoid costly delays.

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